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Mojave National Park from 19,90 EUR
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Mojave National Park   Mojave National Park  

This tour leads you via an endless seeming ascent out of the glowing heat of the central Mojave Desert.

With the temperature seldom dropping below 30 degrees you will climb meter by meter onto the brink of the caldera, which has collected the water for several thousand years and which has created large salt lakes by evaporation.

If you then cycle beyond the edge after two thirds of the route, you will look onto a plateau which is laden with yucca palms and in whose midst the famous Kelso Dunes (famous for the singing sand waves) have sedimented.

Enjoy the now following descent on a road which starts off very straight and then follows a Dirt-Road on the last part of this tour, to the edge of this enormous dune landscape.

Distance: ca. 48 km

Length: 72 Minutes


Available as:

  • DVD-Video (PAL oder NTSC)
  • Blu-ray Video
  • Full-HD PC Real Life Video

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