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Bicentenial Byway - US 95 from 29,90 EUR
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Bicentenial Byway - US 95   Bicentenial Byway - US 95  

From Fry Canyon (5611ft) to the Hite Bridge via the Colorado (3700 ft) and on towards Hanksville to the Little Egypt Loop (5100 ft).

We start this tour shortly behind the divergence to the National Bridges National Park and climb onto the high plateau, which is criss-crossed by canyons and washes and that belong to the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

The US 95 is one of the less famous roads through the red rocks of Utah but nevertheless a real pearl with regard to versatility and breath taking views. And its varied profile of heights is a real challenge for every endurance athlete to boot.

Via many small hills the stretch runs bit by bit down into the valley of the Colorado. After we have passed the Hite Bridge we have covered almost 2297 ft in altitude downwards and should be well warmed up in order to get out of this gorge in a seemingly endless ascent. As the red cliffs approach, they block more and more of our view of the horizon. Gradually we have to work our way back out of the gorge up to the brink of the plateau which the Colorado etched into many million of years ago.

After 1476 ft in altitude which have stretched out evenly for more than 18.5 miles the horizon comes back into view and we finish this tour just outside Hanksville.


Distance: approx. 81 km

Length: 145 Minutes


Available as:

  • DVD-Video (PAL oder NTSC)
  • Blu-ray Video
  • Full-HD PC Real Life Video

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