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Arches National Park   Arches National Park  

You have to earn the Arches National Park, you cannot just look at it. At the entrance to this monument, the stretch demands more than just a few drops of sweat from you.

The steep S-bends stand stubbornly between you and the fantastic view of this very old plateau. You will have an overview of the 120 square mile area of the Arches National Park with its 2000 proven rock arches, but not before you have overcome the climbs between 4019 and 4921 ft. For relaxation, the plateau dips in the middle into an incredibly varied valley that let us discover the road in a varied and impressive way leading us very close alongside the large rock formations like Elephant Butte and Courthouse Towers. In order to see the other mountain ranges, which seem to be shaped by a hand which is not of this world, we struggle out of the plateau’s valley dip up to the northern brink where the rock formations are older and more eroded.

Passing the Balanced Rock, you will be hard pressed to believe that this landscape is not made especially for tourists. However, the dimensions of the rock arches and columns speak a completely different language. The park reveals its true secrets only to ramblers, therefore the cyclist requires enormous amounts of feet in altitude with an entertaining landscape for rewards at the end of a few views of its treasures, the arches.

Distance: ca. 39 km

Length: 70 Minutes


Available as:

  • DVD-Video (PAL oder NTSC)
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  • Full-HD PC Real Life Video

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