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Around the Plansee   Around the Plansee  

In beautifully colourful autumn weather, we start this 70 mile-long, moderate tour (with 32480 ft in altitude) in Oberammergau (2746 ft) in the upper Bavarian rural district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Oberammergau is certainly known to many for its passion plays, which take place every ten years.

We firstly ride a little way on highway 23, towards the Ettal monastery and turn left onto the St2060 just before the village.

The practically flat stretch of road runs through the small villages of Graswang (2858 ft) and Linderhof (3104 ft), near to the castle of the same name belonging to the Bavarian King, Ludwig II.

After 12 miles we cross the national border with Austria, keep on riding on an incline of 5% up to the Ammersattel (3675 ft) and downhill again to Am Plansee (3232 ft).

Now we ride alongside the bank of the beautiful situated lake Plansee via Bad Kreckelmoos and Breitenwang to Füssen (2651 ft) in the Allgäu.

Here, we follow the signposts to the royal palaces and catch a short glimpse of Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle, before we continue our ride to Buching (2661 ft).

Continuing the route, the course leads us on a narrow and quiet local road through the hilly and scenic foothills of the Alps.

Passing the beautifully situated Illasbergsee (a tarn), which is an appendix of Lake Forggensees, via Helmenstein, we reach Lechbruck am See (2398) and, after a few more miles, Steingaden (2520 ft).

The way through the picturesque foothills of the Alps leads us up and down through the small villages of Wildsteig, Morgenbach and Altenau, to Unterammergau (2743 ft).

Just a little way to go and we have reached Oberammergau again, which is both our goal and the starting point of this beautiful tour. 


Distance: ca. 122 km

Length: 185 Minutes


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