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FitViewer-Basic-Set: for Daum Premium8 / 8i Ergobikes from 109,00 EUR
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FitViewer-Basic-Set: for Daum Premium8 / 8i Ergobikes  

FitViewer is software on a computer that can control the pedal resistance of your bicycle ergometer depending on the stretches of routes and the speed of the training film depending on the pedal turns. The pedal resistance can be additionally changed by an internal gear box.

To enable the software to run you need a computer (at least 1 GHz for PAL DVD´s) with a monitor (instead of a monitor you can also use a TV, Beamer, LCD or a Plasma Display, but you must
pay attention to the fact that you might need an additional special graphics card), a DVD-drive, at least 512 MB RAM, a free USB-port and a free com-port (instead of a 9pole com-port you can also use a commercial USB-to-serial-adapter) and about 4 GB free hard drive space for each training film. But the size of the actual hard drive disk used depends on the length of the training tour.

Features of the FitViewer for the Daum Ergometer:

  • Control of the speed depending on the pedal turns
  • Control of the pedal resistance depending on the terrain
  • Electronic gear box (Cockpit)
  • Automatic gear box (for RPM / Pulse / Watts controlled training according to your specifications)
  • Overlay of gears, speed, performance, route ridden, ascent in % and pedal turns on the display
  • Overlay of the graphic data for the ascent with current training position
  • Playlists can be created
  • Exercise recording and presentation
  • Storage of last movie position
  • Mountain bike, road bike or round bike gear
  • Adjustment for body weight
  • Automatic brake efficiency depending on the rotational speed
  • Multilingual user interface (German and English)
  • Training films on DVD
  • Free FitViewer-Updates
  • Windows 2000, XP necessary (with XP - Service Pack 2 is assumed), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • MacOS with Parallels Desktop or BootCamp
  • incl. FitViewer Real Life Video Starnberger See + San Bernardino

For all Daum Premium Bikes

( Premium 8, Premium 8i, Medical8, Medical8i )

and all Daum Crosstrainer ergo_lyps Premium

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